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Product Reviews

Youtube Review Videos - Elgato Streamdeck XL

This product is not just for streamers although it is very useful for this purpose. The Elgato Streamdeck no matter which version you buy can have all your shortcuts in front of you at the touch of a button with no need to memorise. It will also run batchfiles, scripts open websites, open folder locations and much much more.

The build quality of the XL model is great and yes it does speed up your processes and workflow.

Next video will be on installing the drivers and then a very basic look at setup followed by a video showing you how I use the streamdeck.

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Youtube Review Videos - Neewer Multi-color 530 Led Lights

Still have to do a video review on these lights but I have to say they are fantastic. They have a number of cool effects as well as being able to dial in any colour your desire.

The build quality of these lights are fantastic the feel expensive and are fully adjustable. You can also configure you lights independantly from the neewer mobile app.

TIP: Look in the warehouse used section to see if you can save some money. You still have full rights to return free of charge if not suitable.

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Youtube Videos - Ben Hogans 5 Lessons

This book accompanies my series of video on Ben Hogans book.

Great book to read and follow and help consolidate the lessons.

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Youtube Review Videos - Huion Inspiroy 640P

This product is a small graphics tablet the has a UDB connection with adaptors to your device of choice. It comes with a chargerless pen which is in keeping with the rest of the P series tablets. It is very comfortable to us and the pen has good sensitivity. It sits right above my mouse mat for when I need it.

As a photographer who uses Adobe Lightroon and Photoshop this tablets works perfectly in each device. So great for the more delicate touching up of your images.

I would definately recommend this tablet for anyone looking for a small pain free graphics tablet.

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